Bitcoin No Longer an Inflation Hedge? Paul Tudor Jones Thinks So!

• Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager and bitcoin bull, believes that the days of buying bitcoin as an inflation hedge may be over.
• The Fed has been raising interest rates in order to fight the ongoing inflation, but this tactic hasn’t really done much except destroy crypto prices.
• Despite this, Jones still believes that BTC should be part of one’s portfolio.

Paul Tudor Jones: BTC’s Days as an Inflation Hedge Are Over

The idea that bitcoin was always a hedge against inflation has been rather prominent amongst crypto fans for the past few years. Now, according to Paul Tudor Jones – a bitcoin bull and billionaire hedge fund manager – it sounds like this idea may have reached its peak and is coming to an end.

Inflation Hits US From All Sides

Inflation has been striking the U.S. from all sides for well over a year. It hit a peak at more than nine percent in June last year. Thanks to weak leaders like Joe Biden, who has been in the habit of instilling poor economic policies and signing his name to a multitude of trillion-dollar spending bills, the country has been having to deal with rising food prices, gas prices, and just about everything else. This has ultimately led the Fed to raise interest rates as a means of fighting the ongoing inflation.

Is Buying Bitcoin As An Inflation Hedge Over?

However, this tactic hasn’t really done much except destroy crypto prices (remember 2022, anyone?) and prevent people from gaining access to the American dream. With rates being what they are, most people can no longer afford homes, cars, or other big items.

Paul Tudor Jones recently commented in an interview that he thinks the Fed is going to put a stop to the endless rate hikes we’ve seen the organization instill over the past year or so. With this on the horizon, one must assume that inflation will come to an end in the United States; even if it doesn’t happen soon enough or isn’t harsh enough for some people’s taste — it won’t be as bad as it could be.

„If inflation is truly done a bit,“ said Jones „if that story’s been played then you have to wonder… We were buying gold and Bitcoin for inflation hedges; That game may be over.“

I’m Still Holding Mine

< p >Despite his opinion on BTC not being an effective way of hedging against further economic strife in terms of inflationary pressures –Jones still recommends keeping BTC within one’s portfolio . He stated: “But while I am confident my initial goals will change , I am still very much for keeping Bitcoin as part of your portfolio.“

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