MoneyGram denies partnership with Ripple over SEC lawsuits

MoneyGram distances itself from Ripple and specifies that it has never used the ODL or RippleNet platform for the transfers of funds from its customers. Additionally, Coinbase has reportedly entered into discussions with lawyers about a delisting of XRP.

MoneyGram renounces its partnership

MoneyGram , the global money transfer service, has clarified the nature of its partnership with Ripple following lawsuits by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In a press release issued on December 23, MoneyGram reveals that it never used Ripple’s counterparty services, namely on-demand liquidity services (ODL) and RippleNet for foreign exchange transactions. We can read :

“As a reminder, MoneyGram does not use the ODL or RippleNet platform for client fund transfers and does not depend on the Crypto Trader platform to accomplish its currency trading needs. “

In June 2019, Ripple and MoneyGram entered into a strategic partnership for cross-border payments . As part of the collaboration, Ripple was to invest up to $ 50 million in exchange for MoneyGram shares.

Ripple in turmoil

Ripple’s troubles began earlier this week when the US financial policeman decided to sue the company for selling unregistered securities . Two Ripple executives, Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse , were also cited in the lawsuit for failing to record their personal XRP sales, estimated at $ 600 million .

The distancing of MoneyGram is another hard blow since it was one of the only concrete use cases put forward by Ripple to demonstrate its development. Another Ripple partner, Intermex , also revealed last March that it does not use the company’s platform for money transfers in its “core market”.

In addition, several exchanges are considering suspending XRP trading . There are rumors that Coinbase has started discussions with lawyers over a delisting. Bitwise Asset Management, one of the largest cryptocurrency fund managers, has already completely divested from XRP by liquidating its positions .

XRP dropped about 57% during these 7 days from $ 0.64 to $ 0.27.